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    The Clann of the Morrighan

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    The Clann of the Morrighan Empty The Clann of the Morrighan

    Post by shavar on Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:19 pm

    Signatories of this agreement are Protected by The Children of the Morrighan

    With the desire to keep safe and instill the values of honor, honesty, and friendship within those who genuinely seek such guidance, The Children of the Morrighan pledge protection and support to all who join their Clann:

    Airteagal an Chéad: Sovereignty
    The government of the undersigned Protectorate may freely request diplomatic assistance and guidance in any matter. In the spirit of mutual respect and friendship, it is also understood and agreed that the sovereignty of each signatory shall be respected at all times, and shall not be infringed upon. This includes but not is not limited to the establishment of political ties and treaties by either party, and in preferential trade status.

    Airteagal an Dara: Friendship and Non-Aggression
    Neither signatory shall initiate any acts of aggression or espionage in any way, shape or form against the other. Members of each signatory shall address each other with dignity and respect at all times, in all forums and media, both public and private. While differences of opinions may arise and be expressed respectfully, blatant disrespect in any form shall not be tolerated by either signatory against the other.

    Airteagal an Tríú. Defense and Support
    In the event of any unprovoked aggressive action against any signatory of this Agreement, The Children of the Morrighan shall freely offer aid and assistance first and foremost through diplomatic channels. Should all attempt at diplomacy fail, The Children of the Morrighan shall defend the aggrieved Protectorate without hesitation or delay. It is mutually understood, however, that to most effectively allow any Protectorate to continue to prosper and grow under the spirit of this Agreement, the undersigned shall not be held in obligation to provide assistance in the event of any aggressive action by or against The Children of the Morrighan.

    Airteagal an Ceathrú. Cancellation
    Should either signatory decide to draw an end to this Agreement for any reason, notification shall be required to through private diplomatic channels. The Agreement remains binding and in full effect for 24 hours from the time notification of intent to cancel is received and acknowledged.

    Signed this 1st day of September, 2016

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